Get an overview about artists and people I worked with or I want to support:

● Disko404 family (

event series, crew of djs/producers and since 2012 also a record label

● Alexandru Cosarca (alexandruheart)

artista performanza, fine art, theater-contextphotographer and poet

● Veza Fernandez  (

dancer, actress, poet, director and choreographer based in Vienna

● Alina Stockinger/Electrico 28 (

dancer, actress, director based in Barcelona

● Florian Puschmann (

designer and scenographer working in Graz and Vienna

● Cornelia Rauchbüchl (/

illustrator and graphic designer working in Graz and Vienna

● Stasys Zak/Syrtha (

film editor, visual artist and graphic designer based in Berlin

● Jasmin Schuller (story in your eyes)

visual artist and photographer working in Graz, Vienna and Berlin

● Sam Jackson (sinnerman)

musician and survivor based in Vienna

● itsy bitsy tiny tini