This page is meant to give you an idea of the variety of my musical output. Some of the projects have trailers or video documentations you can watch here.

If you want to collaborate I can send you more music to get a better idea of my work.

Music Projects

● Constantly working on my soloproject „Jabok” (since 2015), upcoming release on disko404–yolozwerg

Short Video from a liveshow in 2018:

Some Tracks i did for Theater and Performance:

Some video snippets from a live show in 2016:


● Body research/performance „A Wall for Maria (2015/2016)“

by Christina Lederhaas and Veza Fernandez

● Techno lecture/performance „Trost (2015/2016)“ by Alexandru Cosarca

● Outrotrack for body research performance „Thinking pieces (2015)“  by Christina Lederhaas and Veza Fernandez

● Street theater/radio play „Zwischen den Tassen (2014 – 2016)“ by Alina Stockinger

● Outrotrack for dance/textperformance „Landsend (2014)“ by Christoph Szalay and Veza Fernandez

● Theatre/dancepiece “Calamocos (2014)” by Veza Fernandez

● Outrotrack for shortfilm „Was wäre wenn (2012)“ by David Lapuch

● Shortfilm „Hinterland (2011)“

by David Lapuch

● my 2nd solo project “any maniac” (since 2004):

Projekts with no video documentation yet:

●Street theater/radio play “Sternstunden der Menschheit (2016-2017)” by Alina Stockinger

● Theater/dancepiece “The father care piece piece (2016)” by Veza Fernandez

● Tableau vivant performance „Stumm (2015)“ by Alexandru Cosarca

● Choreography workshop “Frieden braucht Erinnerung und Zukunft (04.-09.09.2014 in Ptuj)” by Cäcilia Färber

● Collaboration with Jazzwerkstatt Wien (2005)